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WE LOVE the art of CANAN BERBER and her colourful Women

Canan Berber was born in 1967 Merzifon, Turkey. 

She has taken up painting in early childhood.

Awarded with special prize by UNICEF Paintings of The World Children in 1977, India. 

Graduated from Izmir Ege University, Engineering Faculty-Department of Textile Technology.

Moving United Kingdom and studying languages, art and design at London City Lit Institute.  

Her book "Chikka Boo" has published in Istanbul, 1997. 

Attending various workshop on painting, design, colors, ceramic to the contemporary artists ateliers in Istanbul.  

She founded Artisterik Creating Club and organized many art projects bringing together many artists in the framework of the International Istanbul Tunel Art Festival in 2003.

Since 2000, she has made many solo exhibitions and art shows in Turkey, Italia, England, Switzerland, Kiev, Russia (Kazan) and Paris.

She made a series exhibition by world jewelry brand Adler in Geneva and London, display case projects worked on issues such as Hittite Brides, Dervishes and Pomegranates, ElmaApples by 2003. 

She opened most exhibitions mainly in Istanbul and Bodrum between 2006-2012.

UNICEF made cards from artist's works and distributed in 23 countries in 2015.

Troya Culture and Art Awards awarded artist in the category of plastic arts in 2015.

She has been studying philosophy at Istanbul University since 2016.

Many works of the artist are in Turkey and worldwide private collections.

She lives in Istanbul.

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