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VISUAL ART for children as well as for adults who have not lost their inner child...MUGS OF HUGS

Join LUCINDA DUMPLING on her animated adventures created by RENêE RILEXIE, a full-time visual artist and co-founder of The Artist’s Pool.

About RENêE RILEXIE; storytelling has always been a part of Renee’s life.

Writing about Lucinda Dumpling takes her back to childhood adventures in nature, spending time in the sea and dreaming of the mysteries of the world and beyond. Sky Gazing is one of her favourite things to do. She says, “It expands her imagination beyond.”

She collects books as if storing up for hard times, and often wonders if her neighbours dance to her shamanic drumming.

Some of her fondest memories are of exploring the woods and listening to the whispers of the trees, wondering what stories they may be telling each other all over the world. Experiencing the wonderment of many cultures and traditions during her travels have enriched her life immensely.

She hopes that children and adults will enjoy and join Lucinda Dumpling on her many adventures and exploration of mystery, secret codes, dreams, cultures and the human connection. She says, “If you can see my dreams, it will look like The Adventures of Lucinda Dumpling.”

Renee is a full-time visual artist and co-founder of The Artist’s Pool. She has a form of synaesthesia, which enables her to see music as colours. Her sensitivity to sound has led her to create artworks based on sound frequency and the function of the brain. When not working in her studio, she’s either planning her next creative event or on an adventure.

Her fun activities include shamanic drumming, reading, crocheting and sky gazing.

Join Lucinda in her adventures.


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