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As Refresh Yourself we lately got the chance to attend an online event about “Toxic Communication”. Ayşe Topaktaş Demir, the founder of Learning Solution Center, Turkey is the trainer, facilitator of this program.

Not only is she a great trainer, but also a master in Toxic Communication and Relationship, transformer in Paradigm and mentor of New Age Leaders.

For the ones who are interested in Ayşe’s Turkish programs, please get in touch with her via linkedinşe-topaktaş-demir

During her program Ayşe referred to, Marshall Bertram Rosenberg and nonviolent communication. Rosenberg was an American psychologist, mediator, author and teacher. Starting in the early 1960s he developed Nonviolent Communication, a process for supporting partnership and resolving conflict within people, in relationships, and in society.

What are the basics of nonviolent communication?

NVC contains four basic components: Observations, Feelings, Needs/Values, and Requests (referred to as OFNR). They are used when empathising with our self and others, or in sharing our honest self-expression.


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