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Today I participated at a TEDx London Salon zoom event, Conversations Beyond Borders. It was a privilege to listen to Angela Saini, who is an independent British science journalist and author.

Angela Saini shared a lot of valuable information and triggered new thoughts about our approach to anyone we see different then ourselves.

We all differentiate ourselves by the way we dress, eat, behave...but fact is these are all cultural differences. It was very interesting to hear that biologically / genetically we are all very similar and that for example you can't tell someone’s skin colour by their DNA.

We can form and name our identity referring to our historical, social and cultural background and existence but do we really know WHO WE ARE and WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN?

Good and very deep question !?

Check out more about Angela Saini; her latest book, Superior: The Return of Race Science, published in 2019 and  Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong, published in 2017.


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