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Raise funds by going chocolate free and support the British Heart Foundation

Supporting a charity and fundraising is such an important aspect in our lives. There are so many organisations out there to provide help and raise money for those in need. They are all very valuable and important but I have to admit that I fancy the ones who have great and interesting ideas. By walking, singing, dancing and even not eating chocolate you can be an active part of it all. How great is that?

So check this one out, don't eat chocolate for a month DECHOX (detox from chocolate) and by doing so you can support the BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION.

Challenge yourself to a Dechox by giving up chocolate (or more) for 1 month (or longer).

This is BHF's message; Beat heartbreak together. The only way to beat the world’s biggest killers, is by joining forces to raise money for research. Together, we can make sure we all have more time with the people we love.


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