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This unique sculpture is very powerful and overwhelming to look at. You can't just walk by. When I first saw it, I had to stop, take a close look and at that very moment I literally was holding my breath and I knew this is and will be my favourite sculpture.

STILL WATER (2010) by Nic Fiddian-Green, installed near Marble Arch. At 33ft high this is the largest free-standing bronze sculpture in London.

Born in Ireland, Fiddian-Green was educated at Eton College. Later, as a foundation-course student at Chelsea College of Arts he was sent on a visit to the British Museum to seek inspiration, and chanced upon a carving of horse's head, the horse of Selene. He described it as "one of the most beautiful objects I'd ever seen".

After 10 years at Marble Arch this sculpture, much loved by Londoners and foreign tourists alike, created by Nic especially for the city is to remain in the Westminster area.

Its new home is a short trot down Park Lane to the grass beside Achilles Way, just north of Hyde Park Corner. This is to accommodate the ‘Marble Arch Mound’ which will be erected over the course of the summer.

Nic-Fiddian-Green’s lifelong obsession with the form of the horse is classically inspired yet entirely contemporary and culminates in this 33ft high bronze version. We are grateful to Westminster Council for continuing to preserve this work of art for London – created and cast in the UK.

Nic Fiddian-Green comments:

“I hope that the people receive a sense of wonder through its monumentality, beauty, inspiration, peace and stillness and feel uplifted as they rush by on their way to work.

During the Pandemic I lit up the horse at night in a blue light in recognition of all the NHS and care workers who have worked so tirelessly throughout this pandemic.

Hopefully this move to Park Lane represents a new beginning and a new uplifting view to be enjoyed by all who pass by.”

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