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Juliette Wine

WINE IS A CULTURE. Talking about wine is a great conversation starter that connects people. The more you understand wine, the better choices you make and the more you enjoy!

Pinar Akkaya is a WSET Certified Wine Consultant

With an advanced degree from the world's most renowned wine education school WSET London, Pinar Akkaya combines her corporate background with her long time passion on wines. Having worked for many years in corporate leadership roles in multinational companies and having launched her own company on communications training, Pinar offers unforgettable wine training sessions exclusively designed for corporate leaders, creating a bridge between these two worlds.

Wine and good food were my passion from a young age onwards. I remember saving my pocket money in high school to have a perfect gastronomic meal once a week and enjoying every single moment of it.

Since then, I am an avid reader of everything on food, restaurants and wines and an adventurer on my food journey. Funny enough, I never thought of opening a restaurant myself!However, following a good chef, finding a good bottle and enjoying a good meal always remained at the top of my list wherever I go.

My professional journey on wines go back to 2016, when I took a seat for my first wine class at WSET and it still continues, now getting ready for WSET Diploma level, getting more enjoyable and certainly more sophisticated.

With every step I make, I discover that the world of wine is huge and there is an amazing lot to learn. With every sip I take, I become more humble before the magnificence of the mother nature. My brand “Juliette” allows me to transform my passion on wines into an amazing professional journey where I build bridges with other wine enthusiasts and learn even more. I invite you to to learn more about me. If you want to listen to beautiful wine stories, please follow my podcast “Juliette’in Kadehi” , available on several platforms and catch me on Instagram @julietteinkadehi.

Join us on 10th May 2020 for an unique online WINE SESSION


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