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Each summer, there are days when it is abnormally hot in the UK and this was yesterday (24th June 2020 ) and is definitely today !

Officially summer began on 20th June and ends on 22nd September, let's see how many warm/hot days we will experience during this period?

British people really enjoy being outdoors, on greens or at the beach and make the best out of the warm weather. Which is a great attitude as one never knows for how long this great summer weather will actually last. This picture is from yesterday, Brighton Beach.

According to a Met Office spokeswoman “It is impossible to predict the summer weather at this point in time because the science simply does not exist to do this. Weather is a chaotic system which depends on global drivers which means that you cannot predict what will happen on our very small island in global terms, trying to predict what will happen in months and months time is simply not possible, the science does not go far.”


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