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BANKSY himself is the GAME CHANGER

Banksy created GAME CHANGER to pay tribute to frontline workers in the National Health Service (NHS) for the incredible care they provided in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Focusing on the idea of everyday NHS heroes, the signed oil painting by the artist shows a boy holding a nurse doll with the international Red Cross symbol while Batman and Superman figures are consigned to a bin. This hand-painted artwork was unveiled at the University Hospital in Southampton May 2020.

This unique painting by street artist Banksy was sold for a record of £16.75 million ($23.1 million, 19.4 million euros).

The painting, "Game Changer" the highest ever for a Banksy painting after fierce competition between bidders in a nail-biting sale at Christie's auction house in London. The money from the auction will fund wellbeing projects for staff and patients and distributed to a wider community of healthcare providers both within the NHS and charitable sectors.

The artist, who first emerged out of Bristol's graffiti scene in southwest England in the 1990s left a note with the painting thanking hospital staff for their work battling the pandemic.


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