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The silent auction is on until 19th March 2023.

Big shout out to the artists; Esra Kizir Gökçen, Duncan Wylie, Seçil, Ebru Alkanat, Arzu Taylan Ersöz, Hakan Ünlü and Yoni Alter.

Fundraising activities from all over the world continue to heal the wounds of the devastating earthquake that took place on 6th February in Turkey and Syria.

This silenct auction is organised by Turkish Families in Richmond which are a group of volunteer organising various fundraising events in the UK to support people affected by the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria. The auction is directly linked to which is a grant-giving foundation providing financial support to Turkish innovative civil society organisations.

This silent auction’s last day is 19th March 2023, Mother’s Day. In remberance to all mothers the ones who are alive and the ones who have died.

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for supporting us organising the silent auction.


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