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Let's Get To Know

Alex Willis


Hello I am Alex, my journey with dōTERRA started in 2016, I am married to a brilliant , loving and wonderful man, and have 2 great boys. I discovered these beautiful pure oils, and this wonderful set of products within the last 2 year when I started having a terrible headaches, leading to my usual migraines. My good friend had her oils with her and set me up with Frankincense and Peppermint, told me what to do and to relax. Well, no word of a lie 15 minutes later my headache was gone and I felt great. No pill in site. From that moment I really thought, " there is something here that I need to know about, and from that day forward I took the step of taking care of my families health needs in a more natural and pure way.


I have now built up my own " home pharmacy" for immediate care needs, and now my kids, friends and family are coming to me for help. It is a lovely connection to have.

There are so many uses for these fantastic oils and they are beneficial to all, from Pregnancy right through the years to old ages.

I love them, and I hope you will as well.

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