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Refresh Yourself started as an offline event platform in 2017 in London. Between 2017 - 2020 it was an exiting meeting point.  We were cooperating with experienced and competent speakers and organising events.


Back then, all this was mainly happening offline especially in and around London. We love nostalgia,  that’s why we left some of our historical milestones in forms of event pictures and leaflets enclosed.


2020 - 2021

Especially at the beginning of the pandemic we were very determined to continue with what we were passionate about, which is bringing people together.


Making the move from offline to online was quite challenging but exiting too, as we realised how unique, effective the virtual world actually can be. Refresh Yourself’s starting point was always about strengthening, energising, revitalising and recharging ourselves and bringing people together. 


We will be continuing to refresh you with future news and most importantly refreshing events.


Starting in December 2021 we joined forces with Doka Culture Life Academy. Doka is a multidisciplinary educational platform with experienced and competent speakers. 

Stay tuned to refresh your mind, knowledge and most importantly yourself.


Refresh Yourself, 2017 yılında  başlayan ve 2020'ye dek çevrim disi ve çevrim içi Ingilizce ve Türkçe etkinlikler düzenleyen Londra merkezli bir

etkinlik platformudur.  

2021'de ise Doka Kültür & Yaşam Akademisi Istanbul ile güçlerini birleştirerek,   Türkiye  tarih ve kültür bilincinin yanı sıra aile, yaşam ve güncel trendler doğrultusunda çevrim disi ve çevrim içi Ingilizce ve Türkçe eğitimler gerçekleştirmektedir.

Her daim kendiniz, bilginizi ve zihninizi tazeleyin !


Historical traces from previous online and offline events.