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We are an international social enterprise and named our gatherings REFRESH YRSLF, meaning we believe that we can refresh each other by sharing, learning, networking and getting inspired from each other. By contributing to REFRESH YRSLF as a keynote speaker or ticket buying participant you automatically get a part of a fundraising project. We want to come together with like-minded, so we can exchange experience, knowledge and create an opportunity to fundraise for social responsibility projects.


We do have various topics, such as REFRESH YRSLF (personal development & well being), REFRESH FAMILY (kids, relations and overall family), REFRESH WOMEN (we are so proud to be women, let’s celebrate together) REFRESH LIFE STYLE (embracing the joy of life, interesting hobbies and interests) REFRESH XXL (learning & sharing by mutual experience and practice).

Within the structure of these gathering we also will be having networking sessions, at which all participants will get the chance to introduce themselves, their business & services so feel free to bring your business cards, leaflets and brochures. Don’t worry if you are not professionaly occupied, everyone is very much welcome at our social platform as for us the importance is to benefit from sharing & learning from each other. Wisely chosen keynote speakers will be enriching our gatherings by introducing their specific, unique and interesting up-to-date topics.

Our REFRESH YRSLF fees will vary between 10 – 25 GBP. This fees are only used for fundraising and covering various basic expenses. We definitely believe in the universal law of “giving & receiving”, as gatherings / events serve for fundraising purposes for  various charities like MIND ( and GÜNEŞ UMUTTUR ( a Turkish initiative started by Billur Güven, supporting village pupils in Anatolia

Thankfully, keynote speakers participate on a volunteer basis.

REFRESH YRSLF; consists of 6 extravert Turkish women with various professional backgrounds such as design, acting, art, coaching and personal development.  We enrich each other with trust, compassion, love, balance and support and are very exited about meeting new refreshing friends. Our refreshing journey started in April 2017 in London, UK.

Future REFRESH YRSLF gatherings are  announced via social media, like, as well as on our facebook page Refresh@refreshyrslf

If you have any questions or would like to be a keynote speaker and promote your business, experience or hobby feel free to get in touch with us. Have a look at our refreshing gatherings, follow us on social media  and  meet us at our events.



october 2018


november 2018

22nov6:00 pm8:30 pmREFRESH YRSLF LIFESTYLE - UNCORK THE BEST by Pinar Akkaya

january 2019

08jan7:00 pm9:30 pmRefresh Yrslf Experience - FLIGHT MODE by Rachel Kay


february 2019

28feb7:00 pm9:00 pmREFRESH YRSLF WELLBEING - Hastalanmadan Yaşayın - DR YEGANE MUTLU ile Bioenerji

march 2019

11mar7:00 pm9:00 pmREFRESH YRSLF EXPERIENCE 'THE STRUGGLE AT HOME' - A photography talk by Adam Hinton

20mar7:00 pm9:00 pmREFRSH YRSLF - ‘Farkındalıkla Ebeveynlik’ MINDFUL PARENTING by Güneş Ulus

may 2019

13may11:00 am1:00 pmREFRESH YRSLF WOMEN - DRESS TO IMPACT by Pinar Akkaya

june 2019




Dilek Polat Sesli


Esra Kizir Gökçen


Yasemin Eskiyapan Kurtaran


Zerrin Türe Sütçü


İnci Türkay


Ayşen Topkaya


3 latin words, simply describing the law of giving and receiving. We as REFRESH TEAM want to share, connect and therefore will be posting our experiences, thoughts, interesting facts and quotes. Let’s keep in touch.

When I introduce my self as a “Coach”, people often ask me “is it like a sports coach?” or “ is it like counseling?” or “is it like consulting?” and I start to explain what  coaching is.  On the other hand sometimes to explain what......

We are what we eat and nourishing ourselves with nature’s food is the key to enhancing our health, vitality and state of mind. Our bodies can heal themselves if given the right foods. This in turn generates positive aspects in other areas of our lives.......

Mindfulness Eğitmeni Sinem Aksay Sabah ile yaşadığımız ana dikkat etmek üzerine konuştuk. Mindfulness’ı çocuklarımıza öğretmek yerine, önce ebeveynler olarak bizlerin öğrenmesi, kısacası anın farkında olmayı bilmemiz gerekiyor. Sinem hanım merhaba; Mindfulness tam olarak nedir? En yalın hali ile mindfulness dikkat etmektir.  Yaşadığımız şu ana dikkatimizi......

%98 hayal gücü kapasitesi olan anaokulu çocuğu üniversiteye geldiğinde %2’lik bir oran ile başbaşa kalıyor.Bu yüzden çocuklarla olan derslerimde hep onlara filleri pembe bulutları mor çizin,abartın, saçmalayın, kocaman düşünün derim. Yaratmak, üretmek ve paylaşmak hep hayallerimizle olur. Kalıpların dışında yaşamak, hayallerimizin peşinden gitmek ve kalbimizi......

  Size kendi göçmenlik hikayemin nasıl başladığını anlatayım: İngiltere’ye taşınmamızın sanırım 4. Ayıydı. O güne kadar son derece mutlu, uyumlu ve hevesliydim. Yeni insanlar tanıyacak, hayalimdeki gibi kocaman bahçeli bir evde yaşayacak, yeni evimin dekorasyonunu tam da hayal ettiğim gibi yapabilecektim. Tabii tüm bunların yanında......

What makes a good relationship?   …. Values! “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”   Mahatma Gandhi In my previous article “What......

What makes a happy life? In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.  Andy Warhol A recent survey asked the question “What makes a happy life” to young people who were in their teens. 80% said getting rich and 50% said becoming famous!......

“Art is not about art. Art is about life, and that sums it up”Louise Bourgoise   In October 2017, I had the chance to visit the 57th Venice Biennale.  As an exhibitor in Parma Art Fair synchronised with the Biennale gave me a good opportunity......

MINDFULNESS a nourishing, supporting way of living in a hectic stressful world Year 2014 was the first time I got to hear about MINDFULNESS. Lucky me my first experience  of it was a guidance of a very dynamic and experienced facilitator who literally briefed me step......

I was watching some videos on my i-pad last Sunday while I had to stir a soup in the kitchen. There was this Ted talk from 1984, forecasting about predictions for the future. A gentleman from the IT industry was telling, he believes that in......

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