In a constant flow of completing tasks you need to refresh yourself

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YES! There always be tasks and responsibilities and things that need to be done. We find ourselves in a constant flow of completing these tasks and adding more and more to our daily responsibilities. Remember that you need time for yourself, time for relaxing and refreshing. You need to put yourself first!


What can you do to REFRESH YOURSELF?

Drink a glass of water, take a walk in nature, practice mindfulness meditation, eat something healthy, read a book, meet caring friends who will make you laugh, take a nap and just relax and focus literally on YOUR BEING and YOUR WELLBEING. Tip of the day; “Do something each day that is different to your routine.”


We are an international offline / online "simply all about life" event platform aiming for connecting, sharing and refreshing each other. Our refreshing journey as an event platform started in April 2017 in London.


At Refresh Yourself we are enriched with unique, highly skilled experts & speakers we work with to deliver positive and progressive events with the main focus on life skills, physical, mental as well emotional wellbeing. Our offline & online events are run in Turkish and English.


Refresh Yourself etkinlikler ile hedefimiz aile, kadın, kariyer, sağlıklı yaşamı ve kişisel gelişim alanlarında bilgi ve deneyim sahibi olan uzmanları ile kendilerini ve farkındalıklarını güçlendirmek isteyenleri interaktif bir ortamda buluşturmaktır. 


Etkinlikler Türkce ve Ingilizce olarak yürütülmektedir. Refresh Yrslf ile bireysel hizmet veriyoruz, Refresh Corporate ile kurum çalışanlarının yetkinlik, motivasyonel ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak ve yeni yetkinlikler kazandırmak üzere hizmet vermekteyiz. Kurumunuz ve kurum çalışanlarınız  için sizlere özel tasarım bir etkinlik için bizimle irtibata geçiniz.


Refresh Yourself   "Kendine zaman ayır, yatırım yap ve yenilen" 



As a company you have to inspire and support your employees and built their skills,  boost their energy & motivation and productivity. Let us be your catalyst, as we know just the right people, who can help you increase your productivity, and support you in your corporate responsibility. 


As Refresh Corporate we can help you to develop and improve your corporate wellbeing & health approach by introducing you to experts, who will encourage your peoples’ personal and professional development, aiming to cultivate a balanced, happier, healthier and more productive corporate culture.

Contact us to discover how we can support you and your team.


2017 yılından bu yana Refresh Yourself ile herkesi kucaklayacak şekilde bireysel hizmet faaliyetlerimize devam ederken,  Refresh Corporate, 2019 yılında hayata geçirdik. Yine işbirliği içerisinde olduğumuz değerli konuşmacılar ile bu sefer Refresh Corporate olarak  offline / online programlar ile kurumsal ve çalışanların ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak üzere Türkçe ve Ingilizce dillerinde özel tasarlanmış eğitici & geliştirici hizmetler sunmaktayız.

Bu özel tasarlanmış Refresh Corporate programlar ile  hedefimiz, çalışanların zihinsel ve fiziksel farkındalığını ve yaşam kalitesini yükseltmek, streslerini azaltmak, verimliliklerini ve motivasyonlarını artırmak, dolayısıyla da kurumun üretkenlik ve kârlılığına pozitif etkide bulunmak.

Refresh Corporate konu başlıkları ve konuşmacı tanıtım dosyası için lütfen bizimle irtibata geçiniz

Dilek Polat Sesli is the founder of Green Experience and is managing Refresh Yourself. Let’s get to know Dilek with her own words;

Until the age of 21 I lived in Germany, I have 3 brothers and I am the only girl in the family. I graduated as an interpreter (German / English)  but never actually worked in that area. Between 1991 - 1997 I took the opportunity to work as a stewardess for Sun Express living in beautiful Antalya, which I always will remember as a very enjoyable and precious time. In 1997 I realized that I have the urge to be more challenged  so I  decided not only to change my profession but also move to a new city. Crazy and dynamic Istanbul was going to be home for another 20 years. In Istanbul I started a career as a training consultant working for Arthur Andersen. Between 1997 - 2002 Arthur Andersen became Andersen and then Ernst & Young. Being with them for 5 years was not only very educational and progressive for my career but it was an important turning point as I realized that  the learning & development field was meant for me. 


2001 another important number for me as I met my future husband in that year.  In 2002 I joined dsm group and I was asked to start a new  training department within dsm group. As dsm training  we were  delivering unique experiential learning programs and I literally prospered in the experiential learning area. Still love it and really believe in the impact of it. I worked for dsm training for 15 years, I always was and will be a passionate experiential learning facilitator. 


2005, my 1st son was born, 2007 my 2nd son was born. Love them, embrace them and would do anything for them. 


2016 another major change in our lives, but this time this change had an impact on the  whole family. We decided to move to the UK. Settling in the UK, I established 2016 Green Experience and in 2017 started to operate


Refresh Yourself as an event platform.


Let’s assume you ask me how I would describe myself? My answer would be, I am assertive, dynamic, honest, broad minded, committed and attentive. But I am also aware that there are things I have to change about myself and improve in order to be a better and balanced human being.


Please do not hesitate and get in touch if you would like to collaborate as a trainer,

speaker or just meet up for a coffee and discuss business options.


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