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In a constant flow of completing tasks you need to refresh yourself



YES! There are always tasks and responsibilities and things that need to be done.


I find myself in a constant flow of completing tasks and adding more and more to my daily general and common responsibilities. But then I just stop and remember that I have to create time for myself too, time so that I can refresh my mind, body and soul.


I try my best to eat and drink healthy, exercise, walk in nature, practice qi gong, read

magazines or a book, make time for family and friends try my best to balance life and keep my energy uplifted.


This is , a website helping me to connect, explore and simply refresh myself.


But, there is a story behind all this. Refresh Yourself started as an event platform in 2017 in London. Between 2017 - 2021 it was an unique meeting point for English & Turkish offline and online family, women, wellbeing and personal development events. I decided to leave some of these historical traces from these years, like some event pictures and previous event leaflets. But now, it’s just me sharing what I see, hear, read and find interesting.


Who knows maybe we will manage to host events in the future, but as already mentioned until then it’s just me and things I am curious about.


Refresh Yourself, 2017 yılında Londra’da başlayan çok özel bir proje idi.

2017 - 2021 yıllarında İngilizce ve Türkçe aile, kadın, sağlıklı yaşam ve kişisel gelişim alanlarında etkinlik platformu olarak faaliyet

gösterdi. Şimdi ise sadece benim KİŞİSEL olarak MERAK ETTİKLERİMİ paylaştığım bir site.


Kısacası, kendimi yenileyebilmek adına, işittiklerimi, okuduklarımı ve deneyimlediklerimi burada paylaşıyorum. 2017 - 2021’den

kalma görsel ve etkinlik föy’lerini kaldırmadım, belli mi olur belki bir gün yine çevrim dışı ve çevrim içi etkinlilerde buluşma

fırsatını yakalarız. O zaman’a dek sadece benim merak ettiklerim ile idare edeceğiz.


Dilek Polat Sesli

Until the age of 21 I lived in Germany, I have 3 brothers and I am the only girl in the family. I graduated as an interpreter (German / English)  but never actually worked in that area. Between 1991 - 1997 I took the opportunity to work as a stewardess for Sun Express living in beautiful Antalya, which I always will remember as a very enjoyable and precious time. In 1997 I realized that I have the urge to be more challenged  so I  decided not only to change my profession but also move to a new city. Crazy and dynamic Istanbul was going to be home for another 20 years. In Istanbul I started a career as a training consultant working for Arthur Andersen. Between 1997 - 2002 Arthur Andersen became Andersen and then Ernst & Young. Being with them for 5 years was not only very educational and progressive for my career but it was an important turning point as I realized that  the learning & development field was meant for me. 


2001 another important number for me as I met my future husband in that year.  In 2002 I joined dsm group and I was asked to start a new  training department within dsm group. As DSM Training we were delivering unique experiential learning programs and I literally prospered in the experiential learning area. Still love it and really believe in the impact of it. I worked for dsm training for 15 years, I always was and will be a passionate experiential learning facilitator. 


2005, my 1st son was born, 2007 my 2nd son was born. Love them, embrace them and would do anything for them. 


2016 another major change in our lives, but this time this change had an impact on the  whole family. We decided to move to the UK. Settling in the UK, I established Green Experience Training Services in 2016 and co-founded Refresh-Yourself in 2017. Refresh Yourself operated as an event platform between 2017-2021 and transformed into my personal website, so called ‘refresh-yourelf-share-what-you-see-hear-and-experience’, always keep on being curious about life.


Let’s assume you ask me how I would describe myself? My answer would be, I am assertive, dynamic, honest, broad minded, committed and attentive. But I am also aware that there are things I have to change about myself and improve in order to be a better and balanced human being.