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Refresh Yourself started as an offline event platform in 2017 in London. Between 2017 - 2020 it was a promising and exiting meeting point for everyone who was interested in wellbeing and personal development topics especially operating for individuals as well as companies. We were cooperating with experienced and competent speakers and organising events. Back then, all this was mainly happening offline especially in and around London. We love nostalgia,  that’s why we left some of our historical milestones in forms of event pictures and leaflets enclosed.



Especially at the beginning of the pandemic we were very determined to continue with what we do and started to deliver our events online. Making this move from offline to online was quite challenging but exiting too, as we realised how unique, effective the digital world actually can be. Refresh Yourself’s starting point was always about restoring, strengthening, energising, revitalising and recharging ourselves and bringing people together. Nothing has changed in this approach, we are only changing the way we run our events. 



We will be continuing to refresh you with future news and most importantly events. Starting in July 2021, we as event coordinator and content provider are combining our strengths with a leading software developer and high- end IT solution company. We named this unique collaboration


Remember above we were mentioning that we like nostalgia, nevertheless we always hold an optimistic view of what’s to come. Our keywords for the future are creativity, resilience and progression.


We believe magic can happen everywhere, online or offline. It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your event is, either conference, congress, open day meetings, a career event, fundraising or any kind of gathering and summit, you definitely want your event to be a success, memorable and cost effective. 


Have you chosen the right venue, do you have an engaging and interesting topic, flowing content and impressive speakers too. It’s important that you know your audience, their needs and expectations and make sure that you engage them, make use  of your visitor’s data analysis and have a secure, user friendly and cost effective digital event solution. All this is possible with the synergetic merge of Refresh Yourself’s people focused approach and our IT partner’s technological knowledge and experience.


We would love to run your Virtual, Hybrid and Onsite Events.


Refresh Yourself, 2017 yılında Londra’a başlayan özel bir etkinlik platform projesi idi.


2021 itibariyle ise dijital, hibrit ve çevrim dışı etkinliklerine içerik ve konuşmacı hizmeti sağlayan bir oluşuma dönüştü. Bu dönüşümün hayata geçebilmesi ve güçlenebilmesi için, bilişim altyapı sağlayacı lider bir kurum ile ortaklığın olması son derece değerlidir.


Dijital, hibrit ve çevrim dışı etkinlikler için


Historical traces from previous online and offline events.