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Unfortunately massive earthquakes have struck Türkiye (Turkey) and Syria in February 2023 creating a humanitarian crisis like no other. 


Refresh Yrslf website is NOW in use to gather and publish fundraising IDEAS. 


We will be sharing useful information about local and global fundraising events and will try our best to create long lasting and sustainable fundraising support for the earthquake zone .


We are NOT a charity but volunteers who are ready and open to help, share and 'refresh' the ones who are in NEED. You are very much welcome if you have  an ongoing fundraising event  and would like to have it posted here. 

We believe in the power of SHARING, let's get 'refreshed' because together we can reinvigorate, revitalize, restore, refill, recharge and renew.

Please check out the NEWS section. Every idea and every contribution  will make a difference! 


2017 - 2019 Refresh Yourself started as an offline event platform in 2017 in London. Between 2017 - 2020 it was an exiting meeting point for diverse communities, cooperating with experienced and competent speakers and organising wellbeing & health as well as personal development events. 2020 - 2022 During the pandemic, Refresh Yourself’s events continued in the virtual world as the starting point was always about strengthening, energising, revitalising and recharging ourselves and bringing people together.

NOW it's the right time to make use of this SPACE as a FUNDRAISING IDEA GATHERING WEBSITE.

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